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There's a new trailer for the upcoming "Hungry for Your Hunger" update.
DeMignon: There's a new trailer for the upcoming "Hungry for Your Hunger" update.
Do you know what's up with the update now? I can't download it with the updater. (I know it wasn't released Tuesday due to stability issues.)
From the release notes thread, it looks like only the Steam patch got released, as they didn't want a Friday release for the standalone version, but I'm not sure I'm interpreting the announcement correctly. It would seem weird to only patch one version...
I think you got it right, we'll have to wait till Monday. Standalone versions have always been the last to run out and last time they faced some sincere problems, so that immediate hotfixes were required. As it's weekend now, they postponed it, to be able to react in case anything goes wrong :-/
Community testing of a new version starts, some days before release, on Steam. I guess that's why they pushed the final new version there already.
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I'm sorry to bother you, but can you please help me with this?

I recently installed the game, and it didn't ask me for serial numbers. As for the updater, I couldn't make it update to the "Hungry for Your Hunger" update. Every time I tried to update, this message always appears :

Exceeded download limitsTraceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 660, in OnUpdateComplete
AttributeError: 'AppUpdaterPanel' object has no attribute 'delta_manifest'

Is there something wrong? I know that the serial numbers are needed to update, but I couldn't find where I should register them. And I have my UAC disabled already.

Thanks a bunch in advance for your help :)

Edit : I reinstalled it with right click and "Run as Administrator" and the update asked me for the SN. Unfortunately, the SN that I got isn't working and it keeps on saying "Invalid Key". Already sent a message to the admins about this, though...
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The Updater updates itself, before doing so with the actual game. Look into your game's directory: ..\Don't Starve\updater\

My first installation created a subfolder \16\ containing the updater.exe file.
I started it as administrator and had to fill in the key provided by GOG.

Now the Updater updates itself by creating a new subfolder according to its version (e.g. \17\).
After it's finished, look for the updater.exe in the new folder and run it.
Now, check if there is a further version in the /updater/ directory and run it, too.
Repeat until everything is up-to-date.
Actual updater is version \18\, which should yield "Hungry For Your Hunger".
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Thanks a lot for your help, it's solved. I don't know whether it's going to update itself in the future, but the updater and the key works. Instead of copy paste-ing the key from my game shelf, I typed it manually and it works. Maybe this can be useful for other people who's having the same problem as me.

Once again thank you for your response, I truly appreciate it :)
You're welcome. Happy it works. At the moment, there is no such thing as auto-update. With a new version released, you have to manually start the update to get it.