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Hi all,

We have uploaded stand alone installers for both PC and Mac that include the latest update for Don't Starve, Hungry For Your Hunger. These installers are for those of you who either have trouble with autoupdater or prefer to have stand alone installers.

Features included:

New Creatures:

The adorable Slurper is a glowing cave-dweller who is hungry for your
A new mechanical minion, the Clockwork Castle, has been seen stomping
around Maxwell’s parts of the world.

More Gemology:

Yellow and Orange gems can now be found while spelunking underground.
Star Caller’s staff (yellow gem) - Summon your very own tiny star for
light and warmth!
The Lazy Forager’s amulet (orange gem) - Because bending over to pick
things up is so beneath you!
Telelocator Focus - Use this construction to control the wild energies
of your Telelocator Staff.

Other improvements:

Control customization! Change your control settings from the main menu.
The research system has been shuffled around to separate Magic and
Science; build the new Prestihatitator to access the Magic side of research.
Splumonkeys will now pick up (and wear!) hats. Who doesn't love a monkey
in a hat?

Modding changes:

Hotfix Changes (July 26th):
If the game can't load due to broken mods, it will disable all mods on
the next load. These mods can be re-enabled from the menu.
Fixed a crash when some creatures die, including Chester. (Not that you
should ever let Chester die....)
Hey Judas, was the issue of the missing audio files solved in one of these last installers ?
I think it is. chester.fsb or koalephant.fsb for example were missing and are now present. Some of the former missing files hadn't been used by the game anyway, so it's probably not a problem that for example gramaphone.fsb is still missing (compared to the Steam version).

As I don't have Steam, maybe somebody who does, could make a full comparison?
Post edited August 13, 2013 by DeMignon
DeMignon: I think it is. chester.fsb or koalephant.fsb for example were missing and are now present.
Great, thanks!