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Hi guys,

We have uploaded standalone installers for Don't Starve for those of you who prefer or require them for various technical reasons :D

What sort of surprises do they contain this time? Read on, fellow adventurers!


Modding Support:

​Translations can now be distributed as mods.
Many modding API additions including access to world gen, brains,
cookpot recipes and more! There is a full list of these changes, as well
as other mod-specific changes, over in the modding forum.

World Generation:

New Level: The Ruins!
The abandoned ruins of a once great civilization is now in the second
level of the Caves.
Discover the cause of their demise while you explore five new areas
within the ruins.

New Creatures:

You will come across ancient clockwork monsters in the ruins.
The terrifying Ancient Guardian lurks within the labyrinth.
Beware of ambush! The Dangling Depth Dweller spider has been added.

New Items:

New crafting tab: Ancients!

Discoverable Items:

Slurper Pelt
Green Gems
Broken Clockworks
Nightmare Lights
Ancient Pseudoscience Station
Ornate Chests
Thulecite Walls
Wilds Pond

Craftable Items:

The Pick/Axe: Dual functionality!
Magiluminesense: Light the way while keeping your hands and head free
for activities!
The Lazy Explorer: Don't like walking? This staff is for you!
Construction Amulet: See all the inefficiencies in your crafting.
Thulecite Medallion: Track the ebb and flow of ambient magic levels.
Belt of Hunger: Keep all that important food inside you!
Thulecite Suit: Protection from things hitting you.
Thulecite Club: Hit things!


Keep track of your deaths in the new Morgue Screen.


Walls have been removed from the cave levels to improve the gameplay
Splumonkeys and Slurpers have ventured further underground and taken
refuge within the second level!
The Gemology tab has been removed. Items from this tab are now either in
the magic or ancients tab.
Orange and yellow gems no longer drop from stalagmites and earthquakes
in level 1 of the caves.
Slurpers no longer drop beard hair.
The cost of the Prestihatitator was adjusted.
Cleaned up the main menu by moving many of the buttons into the
"Options" sub menu.
The camera now rotates in 90 degree chunks again.
Added more bindable controls.
​There is now separate action and attack buttons.

Hotfixes: (Rev. 83742 - Aug 21, 2013)

Fixed a crash that was caused when certain items were loaded.
Fixed an issue that caused old worlds to sometimes crash
Fixed an issue that caused crashes when using traps.
Changed the camera rotation back to 45 degrees.

Thank you and have a nice day! :D