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There's a really eye-straining redness on everything. I compared it with other screenshots to see if it was supposed to look like that, and it's not. Is this a common problem?

I would post a screenshot, but I haven't figured out how to do that here.
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No, it's not a common problem I know of.
Don't Starve has a day-night cycle, so it becomes quite reddish in the morning and evening, but not during the day.
A screenshot would be nice to clarify this.

Btw, currently there's a major hotfix available. Try manually updating the game by running ...\Don't Starve\updater\19\updater.exe
- The folder "19" may vary, depending on the version you've installed
- Run updater.exe with administrator rights
- If you're asked for a serial number, take the one you find on the game card of Don't Starve in your GOG account

Attaching screenshots:
- When you write a new post, there's a "attach" button at the bottom of the text field.
- Click it, choose a picture smaller than 2MB and it'll be uploaded
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It's fine now. I fixed it by toggling on "Let the 3D application decide" in the 3D settings of the Nvidia control panel. I found the solution by looking around online a bit more.

The problem looked similar to the graphics issues you might get from trying to play old games on newer systems, like a "rainbow" effect or whatever that's called, except the only color was red in this case.

As a side note, I tried posting a screen shot earlier the same way you described, but the screenshot was more than 2MB, so it didn't upload. I suppose I could've down-scaled it, but I didn't feel like it :P I'll keep it in mind in the future, though.
Glad it works. Have fun, it's a great game.
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