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I've never played D:OS1 before and I just installed it for the first time. But when I click "Load', I see a bunch of saved games already, dated 2017. They were apparently pulled from cloud saves. But why do I have cloud saves for this game when I've never played it? Is the game supposed to come with these saves? Am I seeing another account's cloud saves (and who knows what other data), God forbid?
keviny01: They were apparently pulled from cloud saves.
Could someone else have tried the game on that system a couple of years ago? Check the profile name, and characters names (if they were changed from the default); if they correspond to names commonly used by someone who had access to your computer, that's where they came from.
Check the creation dates for the folders in the path '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames_patch'.

Try deleting the My Documents D:OS EE folder in Windows Explorer, restart the game, and see if Galaxy downloads anything.
If so, Galaxy may have got its wires crossed somewhere. Contact GOG support; technically you could delete everything in-game and possibly disable cloud save support (if you do not need it), but that wouldn't help with tracking down what happened.
I think I must have played it before, perhaps not for very long, hence I forgot. This is a brand new PC, but I copied my Documents from the old PC, so that must have been where the saved games came from. I originally played it without GOG Galaxy, so it shows zero play time, and therefore I thought I had never played it. Those saved games had less than an hour of play time, so I must have forgotten about it. Yeah, the simplest explanation is usually it: Occam's Razor. Oh, that might be a nice title for an RPG, or a level 20 weapon.