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XeidiDent: Probably not. If Galaxy doesn't detect your game automatically, click on the GOG icon on the upper left and then on "Scan and import folders". Select your D:OS2 installation folder and Galaxy will verify the files and download only missing files.
SonOfNitrous: so installing galaxy is the only way?
hope not, still waiting for the installer from gog homepage.

any ETA for the release ???

EDIT: Seam to be released now :-)
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Yes, the standalone installers for the update have been released. It's just because the whole process of releasing updates through Galaxy must be simpler and quickier for the devs, since it probably works similar to Steam.
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Yeah this filesize sure takes a lot of time to download. What I wish is gog galaxy to show the patch size. Well it did.. it showed 5gb. But maybe it was a lot of same files downloaded and overwritten.

I cant believe a patch can have so much GB.