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I've just purchased the Definitive Edition from GOG.

How can I start it without GOG running?

In the case of Baldur's Gate 3, it was just a matter of making a shortcut to the correct .exe, but I'm not sure which one to use?

The launcher I can easily find is a shortcut to "D:\GOG\Divinity - Original Sin 2\bin\SupportTool.exe".

When I run that, I get a screen with a GOG logo offering registration for a Larian account (which I don't want).

Entering "Skip", choosing Definitive Edition and Play results in CTD.

Is there a better way to launch?

(Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times).

P.S. Crash to desktop happens even if GOG client is running.
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From the log file, it seems that the standalone .exe is "..\defed\bin\eocapp.exe".

This crashes even if run without GOG or the launcher, with no further log info I can find, so I guess it's a Larian problem.

Correction - if the game is launched from GOG Galaxy, the game launches as far as Select Player Profile.

Edit - I can create a character and save the game.

If I quit, the game will still not launch standalone.

Edit - on further examination, it looks like eocapp.exe standalone is crashing while trying to display the Larian logo.
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In order to get DOS2 to run standalone, it was necessary to delete (or rename) galaxypeer64.dll from all subfolders of C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\redists\peer.

Windows Event Viewer identified that .dll as the source of the crash.

In other forums, I read that this is a known issue for DOS2 and some other games.
Yeah, I was just coming in here to post about this or see where else to report the issue. I wish I'd found this thread before going through every other conceivable solution.

With the .dll fix, you lose cloud saves/multiplayer for all GOG games, but by running it exclusively through Galaxy, you kind of lose out on the DRM-free aspect.
Haven't tried it through website version of the offline installers, as downloading it just once took about two weeks with my connection speed.
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Positive update!

Another (bad) fix I've found is that the launcher and .exe work just fine when fully offline.
More importantly, though, a number of other threads have pointed to this bug with OpenSSL being the culprit:

Fix summary if the page makes your eyes cross like mine-
Go to Settings > System > About, click on "Advanced system settings" and then the "Environment Variables" button on the "Advanced" tab.
Under the lower box, click "New" and create a new variable named "OPENSSL_ia32cap" with a value of "~0x20000000".
That's seven zeroes after the two, and of course no quotation marks in either field.

After doing this, I booted the game five times in a row without issue. Once through the launcher shortcut, once with EoCApp.exe, both again after a restart and once more through Galaxy. Saves were started, quit and loaded without issue, and each time the multiplayer menu showed available games.
I haven't played long enough to be 100% certain this fixed it, but fingers crossed.

I've submitted a ticket to report this. It seems to cause problems for other isometric RPGs as well, such as Tyranny.
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