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Not at all.

Just released too early.

Yes, everyone would have complained if they pushed the release date back 6 months or whatever, but imo that's much better than releasing it with so many bugs.

I experienced some quest bugs right away on the 2nd island and decided to hold off - probably 6 months or so - until enough patches are made to fix the high amount of bugs.

The 1st game is still amazing to replay. Especially with the "Epic Encounters" mod which is amazing. Rogues become incredible, but the difficulty increase still makes it very challenging.
It's a great game underneath all the bugs, it's just... well... all the bugs. It hasn't helped that Larian has been rolling out patches like the game is still In-Dev, with patches often breaking as much as they fix and the players pretty much being treated like beta testers for all of the patches. I've had the game shelved for about a month now, and probably won't be picking it up again for several more months. Anyone who hasn't bought it but is considering it, I'd advise to wait another 6 months or so.
Yes it got some bugs, but nothing realy Gamebreaking.
My first Playtrough got over 100h and the only Bug i encountered was the Tarquin Bug and i only missed the weapon and some Xp because of this but nothing more.
Some People may encounter more severe Bugs but most People can Play it without Poblems.
If you look for Bugs look at the Boards for the new Wolfenstein game.
And no i dont think the game is overhyped ,its not the Game of the Millenium but its one of the best RPG Games from the Last Years.
yasenyasen1: Title.
It is overhyped.
So is probably his predecessor which I didn't like.

Despite it though, it is a rather good game, which I like much better than the first, and will purchase after they patch it for a while :)

Got enough games for now.
No it was not but the releas client had rely some major isuess. For the most part thy are finishd now.
No, it's not overhyped. D:OS2 is undoubtedly a solid contender for game of the year, and 2017 has had some seriously good games, despite the nonsense that "AAA" games have been trying to pull in the latter half of the year.
Not overhyped, just have some flaws in game mechanic and plot.