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I guess I'm stuck on the "On the ropes" quest. After freeing Gwydan or whatever his name is and killing the white Magister a volatile Voidling spawns that is immune to any damage whatsoever. I've cleared out every oil blop and managed to keep Gwydan alive but I can't interact with him as long as that Voidling is alive. I've already tried Teleporting him out of combat but that just glitches him out even more.
I've also reloaded and retried the quest numerous times even doing some other stuff in between and leveling up my charakters to no avail. As soon as I kill the White Magister that annoying Voidling spawns and is immune to damage.
Is there any workaround besides teleporting Gwydan out of the noose before the fight starts?
What's really annoying is is that I finally managed to keep the guy alive, even though he was rampaging through all the Necrofire he could find, just to realize that I can't get him out of combat because of that annoying Voidling..
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