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Okay, as a previous owner of the "normal" DOS2 edition...

The "Definitive Edition" store page lists 25GB Storage as the recommended spec. Yet everyone here is pretty clear about the fact that the DE includes the other version also, and both together install over 50GB.

Steam lists the new version also at 60GB.

So, either GOG store page is wrong (more likely) or there is a magic installer somewhere that installs only one version of both?

I find it a shame to waste 25GB expensive SSD space for an older game version I will never play.
There is no magic installer lol Also, it's all a bit of a mess, it seems. I have read that Steam ppl downloaded the update to defitinive edition with in a 8GB patch, and some pple there say the game is now 34.1GB installed. Steam store says 60GB, while GOG's store says 44.9GB...

As you can see, it's all a big confusion lol

Oh, and GOG has updated the requirements on the store page, no longer says 25GB (is was about 27GB installed)

Edit: Also for ppl who has space problems like you:

Folder \Classic\ (44mb): contains bins for Classic DOS 2, not needed to play Definitive Ed.
Folder \Data\ (31.9GB): contains assets for Classic DOS 2, also not needed to play Def. Ed.

\Bin (where launcher is) and \DefEd are the unique folders you need to play the Definitive Edition, so if you delete the others, you will save almost 32GB and the game will be just 21.8GB (even less than the Classic Edition)

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Thanks Kakarot, that's great to know. I was kinda hoping it would be possible to delete the extra folders...