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I had to put the gamma almost all the way to the minimum because the sand of Fort Joy is so bright i can´t distinguish
anything and my vision gets really tired with little playtime.
I said i putt the gamma in really low, but honestly, it just helps a little bit. The game contrast is maybe a bit too high, i feel like things are either too dark or too light.
Anyone else has this issue? I love this game, but this eye tiring thing is really weird. I never had a problem like this with another game.
I can play with low gamma and shadows off, without feeling getting my eyes tired, but the game looks lifeless.
I wish i could ajust the contrast or something.
Is there any hidden setting outside of the common graphic ones?

Also, i second unralated problem, not as annoying as the first one but pretty annoying by itself.
The game mutes for a second every time a loud noise it´s played. Like at the start of every battle, or with a loud skill sound effect or something
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