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Hey all, just wanted to share a bug I found upon entering Driftwood that gives your character invincibility. It's been repoduced twice since I've done different playthroughs--once in a singleplayer game, and this time in a multiplayer game. We'll get in a fight, have my hp lowered to 0, and still be able to fight and take damage.
It does go away once the save is reloaded, but as far as I know, it lasts indefinitely until then. I'm not sure if there's something specific that prompts it, but the two times it's happened has been right in the entrance to driftwood. The first time was when I was fighting the magisters that were about to hang Meister Silva, and the second was when we were fighting the magisters that were guarding the gate to Driftwood's entrance.
However, both times, it's only happened to one character because I didn't bother testing it out with any of the other characters. It's possible it happens to your entire party, but from what I've seen, I only know that it can at least happen to one.
I attached a screenshot of my friend who was playing Beast as an invincible killing machine in the middle of driftwood square.
Just wanted to bring attention to this in case people and developers weren't aware.


EDIT: For some reason, my screenshot won't upload even though it's less than 2MB. Here's an external link to an imgur screenshot: --""--
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