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Hello :)

I have set the language in the GOG Galaxy Client to "German". I've also checked the language.lsx file with notepad if everything is correct. When I start the Game in Classic Mode, it has the chosen language and everything is fine :)

But when i try to start the game in the Definitive Edition, it is still in english. I don't know if this is a bug or if the Definitive Edtion does not support any localizations?

I fixed the problem. I think its a flaw in the application. I've noticed that there is also "DefEd" Folder in the root directory of the Game. This folder also contains a Data/Localizatiion folder with the language files. But this folder does not contain the "language.lsx" configuration file. I've copied/pasted the file from the other Data/Localization Folder, which seem to depend to the classic game (not-defintive) and now I have german language.
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