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Have you tried playing crossplay with a gog player only to have the gog's player save corrupted due to a mod being out of date? Or is manually installing workshop mods for a GOG copy taking too long and a pain to move each mod to the correct folder? This simple script aims to solve those problems.

What It does:

The user of the script manually adds the mods via ID and Steam CMD does the downloading. Once all mods have been downloaded and the user has correctly configured the "Moving" segment of the script; the files that were downloaded will automatically be moved to the correct folder where the user can just launch and activate the mods ingame.

What's Included:

1x "Example Image".png
1x "Read Me".txt
1x "Mod Update & Mover".bat

Why Do I have To Do So Much Work To Set This Up...?"

Because I'm not a professional modder and i mainly wanted this to be highly customizable for the end user for any type of mod. I understand this might not be easy for everyone so leave a message in this thread if you need help.

Good Luck! I hope someone finds this helpful!

Edit: Gog will not allow me to post the link for whatever reason. I've made this same discussion on the Steam forums where the download was allowed.
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The link on steam forums is dead. Says "you do not have access to view that puush"