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Hello, i had Dos2 in my game list for years, now decided to play it after finishing the great Dos 1, but..
* there is a launcher
* which is empty, make me think of a web brower except that nothing is loaded.

So, what's wrong, and how to launch the game, can i change the langage to french without the launcher.

I am a bit frustated to have a useless launcher already :)

See the nice empty attached jpg image

Also note that i did the "very file integrity check", and still nothing
C:\Users\..\AppData\Local\LarianStudios still nothing
reset settings via the cog button, still nothing

and the change langage from the settings doesnt work at all for me.

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I am having a similar issue, but if I click on the settings cog I can still change the language. It didn't fix anything so I still can't play the game, but I can change the language in the launcher.

The solution I found was on the larian forum for iPad/Steam Cross Save Now Available! v.
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