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We both bought a copy of the game and can connect to random games but if we try to make a game from scratch for us 2 we can connect on the page before character creation.
it only says joining failed.
We have also tried joining in the character creation menu and nothing
Edit 1: we tried the IP instead of the serverID and still nothing
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There is an issue with networking sometimes, for the Steam version you can get around this by running the game directly from the exe in the game folder, perhaps this will also work for the GOG version.
i just can say that my bro and me had no direct connection problems, and you always have to use the serverID. but most likely there are problems with the firewall, did you check it?
ilawera: Edit 1: we tried the IP instead of the serverID and still nothing
When connecting by IP address, it can help if the host sets up port forwarding in their router to connect to the PC (ports 23253-23262 and 23243-23252), and then the client should be able to connect to the external IP address.

If your friend also has the GOG version, and you are both using Galaxy, did you try the online lobby, or the friend invite function?

Have either if you tried hosting and getting someone else to join?