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Minoe spoileers

man that fight with the possesed dwarf sumonors is really frustrating, need advice Im level nine Im playing on classic, although sometimes the fights feel too difficult and I switch to explorer, this fight really frustrates me because they summon totems and can teleport your charecters around, also they have several cheap skills

main charecter is undead inquistor lohsea healer, fane and sebille

I co
sorry for double topix not used to the gog galaxy
I was very overleveled by the time I got around to that fight so I can't help a ton, but the fight ends the instant that Mordus is defeated, so if I were you I would have Fane use Time Warp on your strongest character and just rush him down.
It doesn't matter if you need to put people in horrible tactical locations because of the nature of the fight.

If nothing else, you can always just run away and return once you've leveled up and/or gotten better gear.