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I seem to be going in circles talking with Fara and Jeth. What do I do?
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I haven't found her daughter so far and I have looked everywhere on the island. So it is either broken or you might find her somewhere on Reapers Coast, where I only just arrived.

The users comments on the unofficial wiki state the same thing.
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If this is the quest in Fort Joy with the missing daughter, who the guy says is dead, according to what I saw you are just supposed to tell her that - bang, quest finished.

That doesn't seem right though.

It seems broken, I'm pretty sure the daughter is the girl up those vines where you find Fane. Unfortunately, there are no dialogue lines about it ... which gives the girl no real purpose for even being there.

I'm pretty sure thats how the quest should continue, but it doesn't.
Only way to end the quest is to tell the mother her daughter is dead after talking to the guy :/
Maybe she's really crazy? That's possible.
Yes, this has to be the shortest quest of the game....;) Talk to one person, the mother, get the quest; then talk to the person immediately beyond her not ten feet away and discover that the little girl died a month ago--and then the quest ends...!

I agree with you--it looks as if Larian had intended a quest here, but ran into some logic problems and truncated it in that way and removed it and replaced it with the truncated version. I had thought I would find where the orphaned children belonged, too--but I never found a quest for doing that. The little girl up the vined cliff wall and the little boy on the beach at the game start on the Island both seemed to be orphaned as a result of the Magister inquisition going on against sourcerers. I never got a feel for their stories in Ft. Joy and I suspected that things were planned for them but scrapped for some reason.