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Graphics look good,
but without Win 7 or Linux versions I'm afraid I'll never see it.
The game looks nice but I also will only get it if it will run on either windows 7 or linux!

Can somebody confirm that it will run on windows 7 64-bit? Thanks in advance!
So we haven’t confirmed it ourselves as Windows 7 is EoL and we won’t officially support it, but some users over on steam have reported that it runs fine on Windows 7, not heard anything to the contrary.

We are actively working on getting Linux support but some 3rd party plugins are giving us some issues with this. Don’t have an ETA yet, but we’re attempting to test with Manjaro and Ubuntu.
I'm happy to hear about Linux (Ubuntu, in my case) support, too. Will put the game onto my wishlist, then :) .
Post edited November 21, 2021 by GMzH