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Kinda spoilers for Knife of Dunwall.

Played all of the base game and didn't get this problem until now. I'm on the second mission of Knife of Dunwall, right after taking out the target non-lethaly by getting him arrested. Now i have to go back to the first area of the mission but every time i try, the game loads for a few seconds then shows an error message (See attachment).

Already tried repairing the game with GOG Galaxy 2.0 but it still crashes. I had no problem when first going through the area to get to the target's location, it's only now that i have to return to it that the game crashes. Should i just try restarting the mission?
error.png (36 Kb)
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I don't have any suggestions to fix it on your own but if you've not done so already, I'd definitely consider sending this info to GOG support since it might be something they can potentially fix and push an update out for.
Saw this video in a quick search for the error. May want to check if any of these work. The top comment mentioned in their case what worked was setting the game to windowed mode via a launch argument (should be possible using Windows shortcuts in GOG's case).
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Hadn't been able to play until now. Unfortunately, the video and comment didn't help. Restarted the mission and that seemed to have fixed the crash. Maybe it was because i hadn't found Granny Rag's side quest on my first time, or because i knocked out the target before getting him arrested. Anyways, game's working now. Sucks that you have to lose progress. Hope they patch it out.