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I'm guessing that most people would find answer on this question quite obvious - it was a child of Demosthene and his slained wife (who "fell in love" in one of demonic lords in Disciples 1), possesed by Bethrezen's spirit. It's very strongly suggested especially in Undead campaign, since Uther's blood was used to ressurect Gallean (it's quite obvious that such act would require a "catalyst" of great power, blood of being possesed by Bethrezen seems to be powerful enough to perform ressurection of Gallean.

HOWEVER - campaign of Legions of the Damned is clearly suggesting, that Uther was just an impostor and wasn't "incarnation" of Bethrezen, since he "tricked" Legions and at the end we need to kill Uther in this campaign as well.

I feel a bit confused at this point. Almost all campaigns are suggesting that Uther was "carrying" Bethrezen inside, but not Legions campaign. Add-ons are rather focused on implications of Gallean's ressurection, so this topic wasn't developed further, if I didn't miss anything.

Any ideas?
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This is just my understanding, so I may be wrong here. From what I understand, the ritual to transfer Bethrezen's soul into Uther's body was corrupted (interrupted by the dwarves if I recall correctly). So Uther is still "himself", corrupt by the ritual which transferred Bethrezen's strength but not his actual soul.
I concur with Paradoks. Uther was Demosthene's child (although the true father may indeed have been an incubus, as you suggest), and who was used in the ritual to free Bethrezen from his prison as seen at the conclusion of the Legions campaign in D:SL. However, the ritual did not completely succeed. Either Bethrezen failed to break the Highfather's prison entirely, or perhaps (as Paradoks suggested), the successful completion of the Mountain Clans campaign strengthened the wards enough that Bethrezen was still unable to transfer his soul into Uther, although it did transfer a large amount of his power (or perhaps just hellish power in general) into Uther.
Everything, abs. everything explained in D1 and D2. No Bethrezen himself in Disciples 2, no Gallean in D2 GR, Solonielle not a same as Mortis.
<<fell in love>> -> possessed (!!!111). It is Demons, almost all of them do not have "sexuality" (both incubus and succubus genderless creatures).
Undead failed Act 2 for Uther blood. Later he give it to undead himself, probably in secret from Demons. Later some Demons allied with Undead (ofc some still loyal to Bethrezen, if you play all campaign simultaneously you know differences between "demons and demons").

Uther probably not a son for Demosthene ... :facepalm:
P.S. Also some russian player wrong think that Drega Zul mother in love with Nosferat (named ...?). Arhh, where they all find this... Drega Zul -- unborned undead child from killed (undead) mother.
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