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this game is boring. i cant beleve i paid that kind of money for something like this. yes ten dollars is too much to pay for this piece of crap
Care to expound on that? As it is, you haven't explained why you don't like the game.
While you may not like it, others do, so "piece of crap" may be a little inappropiate. I can imagine some things that might be boring for you, though.
But, before i buy a game, i usually take a look at the rating the game got from different gaming (related) sites, i talk to people who might have played it, or at least ask them if they know anything and so on.
And then, i buy it. Or not, if i'm not convinced. As far as i know without thinking long about it, i was never wrong. Some may be better then others i bought, and some worse, and perhaps i missed some, but i would call none "piece of crap":
Didn't you take a look at what you are buying before doing so? If not, you shouldn't complain. If you did, well, bad luck i guess.
No it's not.
That's all there is to it.
You could have tried the demo first, you know. No one to blame but yourself.
This game is one of my all time favourites...
Like he said, you should have tried the demo first...
I'm wondering if they're even a turn-based strategy fan at all.
But it does sound like a completely uneducated purchase.
It is awesome.
And now i have all the expasion pack ^^ I am happy
and waiting for the third episode
This is a good game, sorry you dont like it. In the future try to learn about a game before you but it.
I got Disciples 2 on steam and found it rather boring. Thankfully it was part of a one of those weekend deal packs so it wasn't really a rip off. I just don't get what people find so entertaining about it. I found it really repetitive and shallow.
Looks like a troll post. Guess every forums have some.
Both Disciples games is fantastic, was so happy I found them here!
It is a bit simplistic, yes. And slow-paced also, but thats something I like (both D1 and D2). While I usually enjoy more complex games, something makes me like this game above all other strategy games I have ever played.
And Disciples 2 is probably the only game, that's not an rpg, that I would put on my top 10 list of my favorite games ever. Why?
It's hard to explain, but a combination of the excellent and dark atmosphere, and the urge to just play another turn, so I can upgrade my witchhunters into inquisitors. Just one more turn (and the clock is 2 in the morning, with work the next day). i think the upgrading of my units is the key to why I like it so much. It doesn't only affect their stats, but actually change their appearence and combat-animations as well.
the 5 factions are also very different, when it comes to how they look and feel. (But not so different if you think about game-mechanics and what strategy you should use)
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