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Disciples was an authentic delight to discover. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Heroes Of Might and Magic. However, this game possesses a distinct flavor that HMM never really distilled, more akin to high fantasy proper, than the sort of sword and sorcery feel that was aimed at by Heroes. Gameplay, as well, is vastly superior, and the Turn Based RPG feel meshes much better with the environment. Strategy-wise, it seems like it's reaching for a sort of Civilization thing, with a focus on converting the land, and the potential formation of alliances.
The Only place where Disciples falters is in its design, which is not nearly as streamlined as would be preferred. The voice acting is also somewhat grating at times, but comical in its over-the-topness all the same. And unfortunately, multiplayer is nonexistent. But, for such a marvellous price, I would recommend picking it up, it's an entertaining distraction which moves at a steady pace, and possesses a surprising amount of depth for its pedigree. Fun Times!