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The store description says this will run on Win 11, but after downloading, I am getting a BAD POINTER error and the game will not run. I've looked around this forum, but don't see any mention of this error. Anyone else?
Same here, also on Windows 11. When I try to run the game (either through GOG or directly from the exe file in the game folder), a SmartHeap Library window appears showing the "MEM_BAD_POINTER" message. When I click OK the window just reappears again. Clicking Cancel makes it go away. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, running as administrator, running in Compatibility Mode (I tried all available options), but to no avail. I hope someone has a fix for this. I just want to play the game I bought
First relaucnh galaxy.exe in admin mode and force vame validation in Library - Disciples SL - MORE section.
Did you or didnt install any 3rd party fix-mods? There is DisciplesGL wrapper-mod by Verok. And there is OPTIONAL SmartHeap more uptodate library dll file. It can increase compatibility or decrese it. Or no changes at all. Yet Verok keep include this file (as i rememebr there was not English description what this dll for, but on russian forum he explain 5his dll are optional and can or cannot make compatibility - need more testing).

Try first DisciplesGL without smartheap dll. If problem remain try to replace it. Here a link..

To use ANY mods, fixes, wrapper-mods etc 6ou need disable compatible tweaks preset by GOG installer or GOG-Galaxy installscipt (they do pre-eetup some tweaks). Easiest way is to rename disciple.exe to game1.exe or something.
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