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I've recently picked Disciples 2 and have had a blast playing. I've just started mission 6 on the Empire campaign (Dark Prophecy exe) and i'm having a problem getting past turn 1.

When clicking end turn, the Legion commander pops up and says his spiel, then clicking ok causes the game to crash to desktop (CTD). I've tried starting the mission and just clicking end turn (rather than moving units etc) but i'm still getting the CTD.

Has anyone came across this/fixed a similar issue?

I can load a play older saves and play new quests and clicking end turn, works, no problems, but the same issue then happens when I try and end the first turn of mission 6! - maybe my save is bugged?

I'm on Windows 10 and have used the wrapper patch to get the game to work.

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Hi, I don't think it's a save issue unless you''ve edited it somehow or are using mods. Possibly some broken files in game installation, did you try a clean install? Do you use the newest version of the wrapper (link)?
If you use GOG-Galaxy client/game build you must verify the files after downloading (currently Galaxy always redownload something for every games its normal, shmae for GOG client no more report what exactly did download).

In case if SInfo.dbf or Tscen.dbf files got corrupted. But if they do - your save are corrupted as well, including Start_autosave (so to test result you need mission 5 save, or temporary start a new game and use WEARETHECHAMPIONS cheat-code to get to 6th and try end turn).

Another possible issue is DisciplesGL. Turn of FastAI, it is experimental function. Enable "Accumulate AI turns" in game external settings tool (start it as admin and if you have game and/or Galaxy in Program Files - start game+galaxy in admin as well).
This game option didnt increase AI turns timing, but let you haveyour time to wait: first it do calculate AI turn and only then make actions. So first half it looks like multiplayer session when you have control over map and able to check objects by Right Mouse clicking. Or go away for a bit, return and see how AI moves.
Second half its actual AI turn (cursor turn to waiting animation and become unavailable to interact). Unfortunately if there is player-involved battle after that AI do reaccumulate its turn again.

o i crease speed DisciplesGL have animation speed wrapper function. Also Win8+ very bad at compatibility make special tweaks to make game WORK WORSE. FOR PURPOSE. %his must be tweaked back. One of the ways is make vames windowed. And DisciplesGL make them (fullscreen borderless windowed). So no need fixes for DisciplesGL.

But without wrapper-mod, 3rd party wrappers or Microsoft ACT tool you get huge delays in game interactions and huge delay for AI turns. Just installing DisciplesGL already make it work faster, just like it was on Windows 7. Animation speed feature is all you need. There is no relaly need in FastAI unless it is very huge singleplayer custom scenario (usually for 1 faction only), where it can increase speed but decrease stability probably.

There is relorts of crashes in DisciplesGL which not been find a reason for latest build. There was more CTDs in older builds. Make sure you have 1.90. 02.2024 build from February. I post a link to it somewhere here. I save February build - last public one. I save archive-version (instead of sfx-installer). There is optional non-wrapper file in archive root. Do not use it at first, use only if some problems persist. It is also added by Verok as experiment. Its just one of 3rd larty libraries used by dev (like RADTool bht this is SmartHeap library) - a bit more uptodate one. No special fixes or exact changelogs available, added just in case, just cause a bit updated.

GOG in any builds of any game do make some pre-set for compatibility tweaks. Some even appear in Windows AllPrograms/Uninstall lists. Any kind of mods-fixes including official Microsoft ACT tool require removing every else compatibilities (except for admin run time to time or all the time if installed to Program Files).
Verok make simple tool App Compatibility Checker. I also post a backup link for it somewhere here for most recent public build.
Or just rename game executable to game2.exe any like that.
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