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I got this running on my Win 11 Desktop : )

I have played through the tutorial and my leader has lots of collected loot. I have enjoyed the game so far. I reached the end of the tutorial and selected export for my leader. Now I start a 'New Saga' but there is no sign of my exported leader from the tutorial. How do I find him and get him into the New Saga?

Thanks for any suggestions and help.
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What exactly did you play? There is two Disciples 2 game. Dark Prophecy or just D2. And Disciples 2 Gallean's Return (v.2.02) - extended edition. But as always haopened for games esp those which have addons - hot few content loss/disadvantage. Most notable are broken UnFOG script for sagas side quests showing locations and Dark Elf Lyf description change. Tutorial changed too.

Better export your heroes manually in Pause menu - Export leader.

Saved leader placed to X/Games/Disciples-2-GR/Exports folder along with skirmish maps. They appear in Import menu available mostly for skirmish/MP maps (called Scenarios).

In Disciples 2 Dark Prophecy (base game) there is no sagas you can use heroes. In Disciples II Gallean's Return there is a second campaigns for each faction. There is also besides regular maps some story-based/Singleplayer only
Impire (Empire only), Vaglan part 1/2 (3 factions), Drega Zul (empire and undead but story character who must survive are Empire hero) and Tutorial itself. Tutorial also a map you can pick saved hero.
In all of that or any skirmish scenario - that where you can Import saved heroes.

There is another game. Disciples II The Rise of the Elves. It also have second campaign for Elves where you can use hero from first Elves campaign or any else. Second Elven Alliance campaign was DLC for D2ROTE. Second campaigns for Dis2 second campaigns was DLC(Expansions actually) for Dis2
You no need use exactly campaign heroes You can make in scenario or even in Editor any hero you want. And use them instead.
There is 12 10-level heroes already in the game And few in D2ROTE (only archmage one can be used back in D2). But keep in mind - GOG Galaxy and GOG are differ games. GOG make many mistakes with releases and fix part of them to this day Still fee issues and content loss for GOG, few for GOG Galaxy. Currently superior version are GOG (offline mean) for Dis2 and GOG Galaxy for D2ROTE.
Impire map still missing from both.

Half of Disciples 2 maps are missing along with Impire. But they present in D2ROTE (uncompatible with D2 variants with uncompatible changes). Impire one missing entirely Also D2ROTE miss those 12 heroes from D2.
I'm pretty sure that the Export Leader thing only works if you're continuing the actual saga chapters themselves, or loading a new Custom Saga. As the Tutorial isn't actually part of the official Empire Saga campaign, you won't be able to import him into the Saga. (But you should be able to when you're starting a Custom adventure or saga.)