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Am I the only one that's getting Warhammer Fatasy Battle vibes from this game? Playing the legions of the Damned campaign, is quite literally like being the "Archaon" of the Disciples universe!

PS: I love that you can choose import a commander in your later campaigns instead of starting over again, gives a sense of progression!
I think one could get Warhammer Fantasy vibes from almost every fantasy-related stuff around: books, games, movies etc.

WFB is such a cliched and secondary 'universe' that it had incorporated everything from everywhere.
Disciples is unique fantasic variation. No *Tolkiens* humans+elves+orcs, no hent... anime inspirations (except Disciples 3 from Akella), no fairytale;s like HoMM (have Pegasus, but no fairy monoceros, except -- yeah D3). It more like Wh40k. then WFB. Moreover, Wh40k like SW based on Dune. Disciples series based on some old\very old European folklore and etc. Well monoceros it folklore too, like gnomes\fairys\etc - but it different kind of fantasy.

Legions of the Damned based on some Medieval (both pre-\early and late) +Renessance (new time ages) view of demons and Satan. It not only one game that contain this "canonical" demons, but only Disciples have VERY talents animators and GFX artsists. Especial for D2 -- game based on same engine with Disciples 1. Developers release game late, but make a HUGE upgrade of D1. Just compare Nosferat(u) from D1 and from D2. In D1 they do not try to make a good graphics game.
Some alpha-build screens show different art and models. Only few seems good or better same as in final version. Mostly GFX in Disciples 2 when game in develop. stage be same like in D1.