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I can't seem to make dgVoodoo engage after starting D1. I copied all the dlls to the Exe directory as well as the main game directory but the dgVoodoo watermark logo does not appear in-game.

DirectDraw is enabled in D1 config.

Doing the same procedure works with other games (e.g., Nox). Does that mean that dgVoodoo is simply incompatible with D1? Or is there something I could try to make it work?
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This is one of those games using OLE/COM for DirectDraw, so installing the registry file linked at the end should solve it.
narzoul: Check

This is one of those games using OLE/COM for DirectDraw, so installing the registry file linked at the end should solve it.
Thank you, will take a look at it.
UPD: here the link, use this
(gog mess up with links, do not open Internet Archive links directly, they can lead to harm sites, copy-paste it instead).
there was russian page as one forum thread. And there is info on his still up Patreon. PCGW, ModDB or google. There is thread here on forum too, but moderators miss and stick wrong thread instead.

IMPORTANT. GOG comes with compatibilities presets. Disable them to use with any 3rd party games fixes/wrappers/mods. They all require that (D1 still crash with many wrappers).
Many games on GOG preset a sdb package with compatibility presets. Harder to disable it. And this one actually more important to disable (exe properties usually for GOG just fullscreen optimisation disabling which sometimes can stay ON, not this time though).
Use this to see which compatibilities set
(gog forum mess up with links - do not open it, copy-paste instead)
(author is Verok but its for any wrappers/fixes, not just for his)

Mine links is very latest public builds of this tools. Unlike most online links.
olution is answer why you need dege or any wrapper. Is Narzoul's wrapper (mentioned and linked at link above article) not enough? Unfortunately GOG's DX Wrapper which is best DX wrapper that come with D2/ROTE didnt compatible with D1. Maybe more recent ones did work, i didnt test it although i did have few games bundled with more updated build (.0.0900 and 1.x.x).
Soul Reaver 1 (rollback'ed!) Blood Omen 1 Heroes 4 (win11 update) as i know most recent releases with Wrappers.

Moreover only Narzoul 2.0.1/3.0.1 versions work with D1. As i remember i did try dege and game same as with GOGs crash at start (with general Windows crash report).

Narzoul s wrapper are for compatibility. Narzoul did make next wrapper, labeled its as update instead of publish it as new. 4.0.1. Its for few enhancments. Starting from 4.0.1 more issues. Better stay with 3.0.1. For Win7 use 2.0.1 or alternate test version hided in Issues section of his github.

Why not 4.0? It is ini/settings based. Just like dege. Why not dege? Because this is not just compatibility - it is enhanced wrappers. Why you need wrapper? If you want a bit improve to visual - GOG wrapper best for it. Best compatibility, less issues of included filter options (accuracy first).
More enhanced for this 3 games - Disciples 1, D2 and D2 The Rise of the Elves - are wrapper-mod called DisciplesGL by Verok.
This thing work as mod, change one file (for each game), require very same build and same few settings for multiplayer compatibility between players. Zoomed out screen scale. But still best way to enhance visual, especially for D1.

So why you need wrapper? As best simplest solution SPECIFIC for D1:
for compatibility issues - Narzoul's is best solution
for enhancemt - DisciplesGL by Verok (aka Verokster).
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