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Can someone describe how the combat is in these games? It reminds me of WarLords IV but I am not sure. Anyone wanna help me out? :)
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Its fairly different to most games out at the moment, I would say it has more in common with something like final fantasy for combat then most other turn based stratergy games. You basically can have up to 6 characters verses the enemies 6, large creatures take up two slots. There is a front and back row and the front row blocks any melee attacks against your back row. This allows you to keep your weaker ranged units alive against the normally much harder hitting melee units by putting your melee in front.

All the different units have different stats and abilitys and you have to try to work out how to take out the enemies forces with what you have, taking as little damage as possible as not to lose any of your guys. Your men wont gain battle experiance if they die and experiance is key to you winning the level as your men will become much stronger for each level they go up.
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Why don't you see for yourself? Hopefully should give you a good enough idea.