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I've been doing some math and I'm finding that the average DPS (damage per second) of a weapon doesn't seem to include much of the weapon's stats...

It looks like all that's included is weapon speed, and min and max damage modifiers.

I'm sure elemental damage isn't included. EG I have a sword that does 10-20 damage with +10 cold damage it will still only say 15 DPS. It seems I have to manually add the elemental damage to see it's true DPS.

The jury's still out on the "+n% damage stat", I need to do more testing but I'm suspecting that's added after a hit is scored.

This basically makes it a lot more complicated than I thought to decide what weapon is the best.

Is there a thread that discusses this in more detail? I haven't found much on Google.

So, I see there's a DPS stat on the character page as well that seems to include everything...... so I'll be using that from now on. :)
Post edited June 01, 2016 by fulano5321