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Is this game an older version of torchlight?
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low rated
It is a dungeon crawler with older graphics.

Torchlight is a newer dungeon crawler with advanced graphics.

Better off spending money on torchlight or newer dungeon crawlers.
Torchlight came out before Din's, no.
This game is all about doing stuff with minimal dialogue and story.

It's also got completely randomized dungeons, and the game world is actively developing as well so if you don't keep up, you loose.

Personally I get more out of this game because it is much more repayable.
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No Torchlights, please. I personally really hate stupid anime-ish graphics in serious blood-stained ARPGs...

Din's Curse I like much more than Torchlights even though it has slightly unusual town/quest mechanics and the game world always keeps you alert. But - this is indeed the part of its charm.
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