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I can't seem to get keyboard movement working in Din's Curse.

In Options you can set the four-direction movement keys. But no matter what I change them to, my character will not move via the keyboard.

I prefer the arrow keys for movement, but they don't work. I've also tried WASD, and a variety of 'random' keys just to try to get anything to work. There is also a setting for "type of keyboard" (QWERTY, etc.). QWERTY is correct, but I've tried the other choices also, just to try getting it to work. Have also tried holding down the "don't move' key to see if that would make it go. No dice on anything.

Does anyone have keyboard movement working? Or know why it isn't working for me?


(attached is a small gif of the settings for keyboard movement in game Options)
This question / problem has been solved by HunchBluntleyimage
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no way I know of to move your character with the keyboard. I don't recall right now what, if anything, the directional commands are used for, but it's not moving your character around. Like a lot of other isometric ARPGs on PC, movement is accomplished by clicking where you want your character to move to. You can, at least, click and hold the mouse button to keep your character moving toward the mouse cursor, or keep attacking the same enemy, or whatever, so at least you don't have to keep click-click-clicking quite so much.

That 'don't move' key keeps you from accidentally directing your character to run up and melee a monster if you're trying to attack from a distance (as with an archer build, for example).
Well shoot...

Wonder what those directional key binds are for. Don't seem to turn the PC, move the selector among the hotbar or inventory, or do anything that I can tell. Maybe an artifact leftover from earlier versions?

I'm getting used to the 'hold the mouse button down to move' and that, along with reassigning some hotbar keys from the top numeric row to the keypad has helped me to play better. But I find it annoying that when I release the mouse button the PC keeps moving until he gets to the "spot" when the cursor was. I wish I could set the mouse/PC to 'stop immediately' upon release of the mouse button (when being held down; vs. being clicked for click-to-move-here).

I'll wait a day or two to mark that as solution, in case someone chimes in that may know a secret or something to get those binds to do something besides sit there looking cool in the keybind window. :)
Martek: [snip]
Since you seem to be fairly new to the game, here's a couple tips about the interface that I posted elsewhere some time ago, and which you may not be aware of yet.

- There is an extra row of skill/item slots that will pop up above your hotbar if you click the little arrow. Notice I said "skill/item slots": you can in fact put most any health/mana restorative, bomb, weapon, or skill you want to in any of those twenty slots -- even passives, if you really feel like wasting slots. =) (I think it's skills only for the three right-click "quick slots" in the lower-right of the screen, though.)
- The orb on the left side of the heath/mana HUD can be clicked once per town to teleport you back. Use it wisely! (I think if you have "Demon War" installed you can also get an optional quest to restore that ability after you've used it in a given town; you could in the demo, anyway.)
I am new with the game,so I appreciate the tips :)

I've got a decent key setup now. I use the mouse in my left hand, and on the numeric keypad I have things set up like so:

Num-1=melee target
Num-2=ranged target
Num-3=friendly target
Num-4=melee attack (assigned to hotbar slot 1)
Num-5=ranged attack (hotbar 2)
Num-7=Smoke Screen (playing a Rogue): My 'escape' AOE for handling when I teleport onto a floor and arrive surrounded by mobs
Num-8=throwable (such as fire bomb)

That allows me to keep my right hand on the keypad, and the little 'nub' on Num5 both keeps my hand centered and is my ranged attack (which I use most often).

It's a consistent little pattern on the keys; Num4 for melee with Num1 right under it for targeting. Same with Num5 for ranged with Num2 right under it for targeting, and Num8 right above for a ranged throwable. It's working well so far.

I have the expansion, and I'm getting used to the game enough now that I might go ahead and install it. Hopefully I won't have to start my game over, but I can live with it if I must.

Thanks for your help :)
Martek: I am new with the game,so I appreciate the tips :)


Thanks for your help :)
No problem. =) Any other questions, let me know. I'm no expert, but I have spent quite a number of hours in the base game since I bought it last fall upon its release here.
Martek: I have the expansion, and I'm getting used to the game enough now that I might go ahead and install it. Hopefully I won't have to start my game over, but I can live with it if I must.
I also bought "Demon War", back when I got the main game in October, but I've yet to try installing it, in part because I'm worried of how it might affect my existing character and towns. I even posted a question about this here in this forum, but not a soul has replied in three months. :(
So, if you do install the expansion, it'd be cool if you could let me know (in the thread I linked to above) how it handles previously existing saves with the newly-installed expansion. I'm kinda bored with the game right now, but I don't want to install "Demon War" if it's just gonna alter stuff in my current roster of characters.