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HunchBluntley: I would say any activity in this forum is good activity, even if it involves reviving long-dormant threads. :D
As to the "Where did the time go?" issue, there's actually an option in the main, uh, options menu that allows you to turn on a little clock that appears near the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side. I find it very helpful. =)

I would guess that skill set comes from the Demon Hunter class introduced in the "Demon War" expansion, which seems to have been released in early '11.
bler144: Huh, in theory I have that installed. I think. I'll have to see how to turn the clock on ;)

Thanks for the tip!

(Alas it looks like the expansion is a separate purchase through the soldak website, not on gog)
We have the main game and the DLC as separate purchases here as well :)'s&sort=bestselling&page=1