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I have never played a better "sword fighting" game than Die By The Sword. While the controls take a while to get used to, THEY MAKE SENSE! Being able to control your swings, where they go, how fast, being able to do feints, targeted shots, block, ripostes, etc. What other game gives you that type of control?
For those who haven't played, you use the Number Pad of your keyboard (which makes Laptop play a little difficult, unless you buy one of those USB number pad extensions) to control the direction of your sword swing. 7-8-9 is a high swing (left middle right), 4-5-6 is middle swing, 1-2-3 is a low swing. If you swing all the way left, then all the way back right, you get the most power in your swing. If you cut short, it's not as damaging of a swing. Very intuitive, very fun.
The game was ahead of its time, and is still unique in play to be extremely enjoyable. And *definately* worth a $6 investment!