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Hey all,

got way back into DBTS when moving an old harddrive to a new comp. Also found a bunch of my old character mods of DBTS, but none of my editing stuff works on windows 7 (off edit/ atd edit)

Anyhow, Hazard's seems to be a ghost town, anyone know whats up?

Firstly: anyone know how to get the editing stuff working on a current computer?

Secondly: anyone interested in some of the characters I made? (some of the skins are just 99% there, minor edits which I can no longer do)

2 different warrior classes, weapons swap, new skins and all. Also a very OP variation on the Jupiter character using the weapon swaps I'd been playing with. I can elaborate if I hear from any humons out there!

berport1.jpg (224 Kb)
kniport1.jpg (236 Kb)
vinports.jpg (173 Kb)
Post edited June 16, 2017 by RaisingThersites