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Post the best thing you picked up so far. I got Eaglehorn. This would be a great find for a rogue, but I got it on my warrior. I still got some mileage out of it. When I went to hell I got tired of chasing down soul burners and advocates, so I equipped the bow and let those arrows fly.
I'd definitely hang on to that Eaglehorn. There's a certain enemy that can permanently take hitpoints away from you every time it hits you. Not much of a problem for rogues and sorcerers, but warriors will have a bad time, unless you have spells to deal with them, aside from a bow. And it's also great against enemies that just keep on running away from you. Yes, I'm looking at you, succubi.
And the thing being indestructible means that you can just keep on spamming arrows for eternity.
The enemy in question is a Black Plague, a very toxic-looking zombie that sometimes roams levels 3, 4 and 5.

As for my best drops: I still remember like it was yesterday how Lachdanan dropped his helmet AND the Eaglehorn for my rogue on my second play-through, decades ago. Along with that I also found a Ring of the Zodiac +20 (unfortunately no other stats on it) and a Drake's Ring of Wizardry, +50 mana, +29 magic. I still have that character.

A recent playthrough (2 weeks before GOG released Diablo again) I had the Eaglehorn drop again, on my first playthrough, from the armoury in the Warlord of Blood quest, and a full plate armour with fastest hit recovery and around 90% extra armour.

Sometimes Diablo plays really nice.
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