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I own an original physical and was thinking of getting this to ditch the disk. Can I transfer my character over?

Just wondering on what updates they have done. Will there be a better resolution? thanks.
MrNinja: I own an original physical and was thinking of getting this to ditch the disk
Don't, that might become sort of a collector item in a few dozen years :)
MrNinja: Can I transfer my character over?
MrNinja: Just wondering on what updates they have done.
Mostly fixes so that it still displays OK / doesn't crash (too often) on current versions of Windows.
MrNinja: Will there be a better resolution?
Not really. I mean, technically I suppose you could say yes, but it's just upscaling.
If your disc-based copy runs to your satisfaction, then I think there's not much reason for you to buy from GOG. Reasons I can see to buy from GOG:

- You no longer have a CD drive, or anticipate that being true in the near future.
- You don't want to deal with handling the physical CD, and cannot or will not use a CD ripping program to migrate its data to your hard drive.
- Diablo runs very poorly for you on modern Windows, and you want a game that "just works" without substantial workarounds on your part. (Caveat: although the GOG offering seems to be better than the disc-based version on modern Windows, it's definitely not up to the level that it just works for everyone with no user tweaking required.)
- Classic Diablo looks bad on your current monitor, and an upscaled/pillarboxed version would look better.
- You want to play on the "global" Diablo From some of the posts here, I'm not impressed with that offering, so I don't find that to be a very compelling reason. If this is your main reason, I suggest reading some of the posts about the support before making a decision about whether to purchase.
- You never bought Hellfire, and you want to try it out. GOG upgraded their offering to include Hellfire, so you get both games with one purchase.

Reasons I've seen people think they should buy here, but which end in disappointment:
- People think the game received substantial bug fixes, correcting various well known game bugs. It didn't.
- People think the "high resolution" support means it was remastered with better sounds or graphics, or that it gives you a bigger window so that you can see more of the dungeon at once. It wasn't, and doesn't.
- People expect the characteristic "works out of the box, no configuration required" experience that GOG has provided for some other games. It works out of the box for some people. For others, it still requires adjustments to get it working. Based on some of the posts here, it appears some people haven't gotten it to play acceptably at all, even with user-provided tweaks.
I didn't mean actually chuck out the disk, I didn't choose my words carefully. Just meant put it away somewhere. :)

The game has graphical glitches on my PC now, and sometimes crashes.

Thanks for the info!!
I bought and installed it. Classic Diablo and Hellfire work just fine. But when I run the top one 'Diablo' it glitches out and asks for the disk.