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1. For some reason I have to turn off V-Sync to get the menus to be smooth, otherwise they are very choppy. This does not happen with the base game and it does not happen at all when I am past the menus and actually in-game. With V-Sync off, the menus work fine. I simply told my Nvidia card to turn off V-Sync for The Hell 2.

2. In the base game, villagers will gossip about a different topic every time you return to town. In The Hell 2, they will only ever gossip about the same thing until you restart a new game entirely. Maybe this is intentional. Or maybe The Hell 2 team do not care. :)

Either way, like I said, minor issues.
1. did you adjust config.ini Vsync before that? it might help too. although in general, meta menu has to be taken care of.
i made sure character creation was made more player friendly, but certain global functions have yet to be "convinced".
it could be done but there are more attractive options to work with. someday we'll get there.

2. i tihink it's the second time i get this report. just tested in d1 and th2. it's true. thanks for reporting. i just added that to the list.
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1. I did not notice this option in the config.ini -- but looking at it now, I do not think it would have made a difference. It is already set to OFF which is what I needed to set it to in the Nvidia control panel.

2. Thank you for putting this minor thing on your to do list. :)

One more thing, I may have asked this before, either here or on your discord channel, and I apologize if that is the case, but I do not remember anymore. Is there a way to see my block chance? Either in my character sheet or on the shield itself? I can not find this information anywhere in game.
block chance, along with many other factrs, will be shown in a separate window, in a list that shows advanced character parameters.

before, i wanted these values shown as part of awareness perk that increases player's knowledge about monster under cursor. like, real chance to hit, block chance against their attack, but showing that involved way more calculations that i had expected. i had a coeder get to work on that and he said an hour later that it's too much hassle, let's do it easier way. them, i decided to show info like many other games do: in a separate window that getss opened in character info sheet. d1 never showed real block chance, d2 showed it against last monster fought. my guess, one of those updates will introduce either d2 style info, or something simplified just to make player see how it's growing. pretty much like tohit value right now, which doesn't _really_ give a true explanation of how much accuracy to expect.

in any case, that this is a wanted feature, is known to me. i wrote affix plan and affix info display info sheet in 2017 and block chance was there since the beginning. just never made it there yet. let's hope we will this year.
Thank you for the information on blocking!

I was just looking at the config.ini more carefully. Either you always had this option in there and I just missed it or you added it in recently, but I appreciate that there is an option to set the dungeon color palette back to vanilla Diablo. I want Diablo to PLAY like the Hell 2 but I want it to LOOK like it did back in the day. Thank you for putting that option in there.

I was already aware of other options like blue mana potions and blue teleporters.
you did well to mention the gossip bug, it was fixed some 30 min ago.

heres how it works now:

more options are being added from time to time.

heh, funny about that palette option. i knew there have to be those would prefer original colors.
not everything can be reverted like that of course, but what can be - i don't see why not give an extra option to players to adjust the mod cosmetics for themselves
I watched the video. That is exactly how gossip worked in the base game. Good to see it fixed!

And I think I will take a close look at config.ini with each new version just to see if you add anything else I can toggle.
(wrong topic - so I deleted my post)
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