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Core features:

1. 24 basic dungeon levels and even more special quest levels in Singleplayer mode.
2. New engine: full support for ultra HD, wide screen, window modes, borderless, fullscreen, switching them on the fly (Alt + Enter), higher framerates (up to 80fps).
3. Functioning multiplayer (through Hamachi / Zerotier + IPX wrapper).
4. ALL of the original Diablo bugs fixed. You can check DSF buglist on lurkerlounge.
5. A lot of content and modernized gameplay features: items, monsters, music, randomizations.
6. Darker atmosphere of the game. Even more diabolic than original.
7. 29 new and changed classes to play: Warriors, Archers, Sorcerers, Monks, Rogues and Savages.
8. Rich options to configure: adjust the style of play to your own individual needs.
9. 4 game modes to choose from: Normal, Hardcore, Ironman and Nightmare.
10. 3 new item slots: gloves, boots, belts. 3 weapon slots to alternate between.
11. Expanded inventory. 10 x 7 instead of just 10 x 4 now.
12. System of cumulative passive skills with class-specific requirements: Perk system
..and a lot more..

You can read about it and download the new version 1.0001 on the main site here:
What the Hell, again?! (Sorry, could not resist.)

Congratulations to the developers on getting it done!

I feel adding that much inventory is a tad too much as it is already game changing but I guess others may like it. I would have liked something between vanilla and this.
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Thank You!

LOL, I just figured it out that I can start the new game with the same character....

I didn't know that before and everytime I had some problem at some level I would go with the new character.

How stupid I was :)

Anyway, currently I don't have too much time to play but for sure once I do you will get feedback from my side.

Thank You once again.
Thanks a ton man!

Some screen shots
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Thanks for getting it this far. :) I wanted to wait for a stable release before I tried it.
So far I love the mod, the perks, having all the NPCs in the town square and the extra classes. :D

I know that's not part of the original game, but would it be at all possible to make items' names display on the ground (like they do in Titan Quest or Grim Dawn)? Maybe via pressing a key or in the options file so it's still optional?
It would make picking up items a lot easier.