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I am intrigued with this new crafting feature in the Hell 2. It was not in the game at all the last time I played this mod. Is there an ETA on when the combine option will work for gems?
It was added in October 2020 and activated by December in v1.0666.

Current version is 1.0770. It went through 3 cycles of testing and seems to work properly.

Although, it works in Easy / Normal / Hard / Hardcore modes only because they allow focusing on farming, which is essential for this system. Soft Iron / Ironman / Speedrun and Nightmare don't have it.

To get the latest release, find the Downloads sections on the mod's homepage here:
Ok I just misunderstood the message. When it said 'combine recipe not ready' I thought that meant it was still being worked on as I know the Hell 2 is a work in progress. But I am now thinking it is just because I don't have three gems yet!

If that is the case, then my mistake. Thank you for replying.
Do you know when v1.0800 will be released? I am interested in trying out the new enchanting feature.
it is undergoing testing, if no gamebreaking bugs are found, it will be made public second half of February.