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I have read a few times that players where under the impression that this project was no longer alive, this couldn’t be further from the truth... for more information check out the mods official discord server:

Unlike other mods that I won’t name... this is actually stable and playable...
Post edited April 19, 2019 by Kougun.kW

Yeah, but when we consider that this post was made 11 days ago.
You can't blame people like me who though it was dead really.

Not that I kept up with it since like.. A year and a half back I think where it was so very clearly dead.

But yeah, that Tchernobog is alive is a joyeous occassion.
Now if they could just stop messing with the 'classes' since I am not a huge fan of the Diablo 2 model, it'd be greaaat.
Just add Hellfire's Bard and it'll be fantastic.
What does this Tchernobog mod does or adds to diablo? i tried to search what it does but it only says is a reboot to something else.
The project was very much dead, considering that after the official "Work on Tchernobog has been resumed" announcement from 2016, there was exactly one update, then it was dead for two years until now when a new person started working on it.

I wonder whats up with listing the discord changes. I'm sure someone will appreciate some 3rd-party software bonus features, however they have nothing to do with the actual mod.

Your invite link to their discord is invalidated already Kougun. You should use the same permalink they posted on that reddit.

AFAIK, you can't name any other mod for multiplayer Diablo 1, because there aren't any other multiplayer mods. All the "other mods" you probably think of are focused on single player experience and them working with multiplayer is just functionality on the side, whereas Tchernobog is focused solely on the multiplayer part.
Well damn... these fools need to learn to fix their invites... I’ve been lamenting the death of the bowzon class in d2 lately since patch 1.10... the rogue in this mod looks promising with multi shot and pierce abilities