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Hello there! I just bought Diablo 1 from GoG hoping there would be ppl playing online. I used to play last year in bnet, but it was dead empty. Heard that the community is back so I m back! But I cant connect!!!
So to my point, I done all port forw solutions 6112-6119 udt tcp, firewalls etc, nothing works, same error massage.
Did any you guys actualy got it working? What extra did you do? Are there other populated online options for legit d1?

Is there techical support for this game? Or because its based on very old dial up battle net they can't do much?
Thanks in advance
It has nothing to do with dial-up. And the tech support is abysmal, the community and trial and error are your best bets.

You need to do the port forwarding on every single router on the path between your PC and the internet. Log into your router again, and find out what IP address is set up as the Gateway in your router. Copy that IP and put it into your browser. If you get a new login page to another router, you need to get into it and configure it aswell. If you cannot log into it, you need to contact your ISP about doing the port forwarding.

If you don't get a new router login page, go to and compare the "Public IPv4" it shows with the IP shown in your router. These need to be identical. If they are, then your port forwarding should already work. You can test it with a tool like Simple port tester.