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Any advice on mods to make Diablo 1 a bit more modern ala what Median XL did for Diablo 2? I've never played Diablo 1 in depth but I'd love to. I enjoyed Diablo 2 back in the day and came back to it recently due to this mod. I'd love something similar for Diablo 1 because imo playing it on modern PCs is painful.
Many mods for Diablo/Hellfire exist from minimalist ones that clean up bugs and remove the permanance of cursed shrines and suffering at the hands of a Black Death to totally reworking the game adding items, quests, monsters, bosses and changing the vendors to the graphical interface of Diablo II.

Belebub would be an example of the latter and recently I read at Lurker Lounge that one would be GOG compatible in the near future that would be an example of the former. For me just adding Ulmo's Stash was mod enough.
My best advice for a new player is to play the game all the way through in it's original form at least once so you can appreciate "what it was" with both its beauty marks and its warts. That's advice I give for most any classic game, but especially with Diablo. You can complete the entire game in just a few days or even a single day if you've got a good chunk of time. And it has a very high replay value, so you will almost certainly want to play again. After you've played the plain-vanilla version a time or two, look for mods which mitigate some of the things you didn't like and enhance the things you did like.

As a general recommendation for "After You've Played It a Time or Two" mods, I would suggest "The Hell 2" and "Belzebub". Both of these mods add a significant number of actual new features to the game -- such as higher resolution support, expanded storage options and even a crafting mechanic and restored/cut alpha-version content with Belzebub. They each attempt to modernize the original Diablo experience, but in different ways. And that's why I *strongly* suggest experiencing Diablo in its original form first: so you can fully understand and appreciate what each of these mods brings to the table.

By experiencing and understanding what the original game is, you can better appreciate what each mod provides. Don't just slap some mods on and assume "this must be better because everyone says so." Experience the game in its original form first and you will, at the least, realize WHY each mod is better. And in some (many?) cases, you may actually find that you prefer the original experience over someone else's personal preference.
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If you want a more classic experience with some nice QOL improvements, try:
Hey, I'm sorry if this is too long since the last reply, but I just saw some guy's video on youtube and they had some mod or mods that showed damage done and taken, and xp gained as well as added a stash and some QOL improvements. They also seemed to receive cold damage from skeletons which I don't recall happening on D1(I've played the game MANY times in the past, but that was also MANY years ago so I don't remember much).

Could someone suggest some mods for that, as I'm not looking forward to playing it again but with some more modern qol changes? Thanks!
Hi, that's either Belzebub or The Hell2 judging from the features you mention.
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Is is possible to play over Bnet or direct IP?
xan_feablecaster: Is is possible to play over Bnet or direct IP?
Tchernobog is a multiplayer version of Belzebub, it lacks quest though.
Someone posted this on reddit.

In my opinion it looks like a modernized Diablo.