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There are many empty channels in the default channel list, so I was wondering where the few people still playing are hanging out. I've seen the channel 'Beginners only' have a few people hanging out every now and then, but I still feel the community is way too splintered.

I'd like to see people campaign to get the default channels narrowed down to just a few channels. Something like 1 general chat channel, 1 support/help channel and 1 for each game the old server supports. Maybe a few more, but way less than there are now.

Until then, I suggest people come over to the 'Classic Games' channel. It's not in the chat channels list, so you have to just type it into the 'Channel:' field on the right side. You can also type '/join classic games' into the chat.

I think more people would feel like playing on more, if there was a place where they know most people go to hang out.
Classic Games channel is gaining traction. There's 4 of us in here at 3 in the morning.

There's Players at Classic Games! There's Players at Classic Games!
This sounds like a good idea. I'll join the channel when I feel like playing diablo online!