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before someone starts with some anti cheating SJW bla,bla.. cheats for own fun are harmless, they can
add lot of value to game... a dont want this discuss here, make for these discussions own thread.

I originally just wanted 2 things:
- convert my Hellfire character back to Diablo vanilla..
- convert this or other Diablo single character to multiplayer save (because only multiple save has diffuculty
option, so i can play "single" with higher diffuculty as in case of Hellfire..)

I spend more than 1000 hours in game and all that time i played by the rules, i time of early internet
i tried multiplayer, but its not for me, i was full of cheater and i prefer lan play with friends..

Other possible of advantages of working utils are:
- Just try how is playing with high level character of class which you are not used to use
- Just try some fancy gear with very small drop rate and safe lots of time
- Transfer items from one character to other.. Through simple import, export..
- just restore old character which you had years ago without saves, because i that age, save backing
wasnt so easy as now

I tried to find some modding / cheaters programs to make my stuff working, but these pages are now half dead at best,
its hard to find what is really working with Diablo 1.09 version and some good descriptions.. So i want to try it here.

I did lots of testing and it seems that Hellfire 1.01 editing is much more easier than Diablo, because Diablo was updated for longer time and had multiplayer, where cheats where unwanted.

For Hellfire i can recommend - Raymonds s Diablo Trainer - have beta 5 build 1 i dunno i there is newer version.

For Diablo vanilla - i found out that best so far is Doom Gazes 1.09a+ - 2001/05/21
I was able to set up:
- character levels
- change character name - there is catch that minimally sometimes it generates no save file and you have more save files with same character.. lesser number wins and you have dele old save to make new one working
- character exp value
- character attributes
- Unique items only (there are some collection online, i tried to search *.MPQs with Total Commander plugin for them, but i dont find them within)
- money
- Spells except Nova + Apocalypse - that is bugged (discovered later, that these are not available in vannial Diabla in form of books, they are probably only in Staff and scrolls, it have some special handling).

What is not working:
- transfer blue magic items, there seems to that some ids are changed from item of editors and when you start the game add items and restart it through new game - items attributes are completely mess up..
- there are also some problems with normal white items ids for example with types of potions
- tried to convert my Hellfire items to Diablo vanilla format (through Night Rider Diablo and Hellfire item editor 2.0), i can import them to game through Doom Gaze, but after new game there are messed up to..

I tried lots of stuff:
- BobaFet Trainer version 6.8
-Stus Diablo Trainer for Diablo 10.7
-Kettalica item editor 3
Night Rider Diablo and Hellfire item editor v.2.0
FreddeFisks Diablo Trainer +3 - its working only for exping and attributes

I someone has some high level 40+ Single / Multiplayer saves with are working with Diablo 1.09 pleas share them!

Otherwise, i now Devultion etc.. but there some good stash or walk-> runs utils for vanilla Diablo? That slow walking killing me, regardless of Hellfire awfull jog animation..

Update: I found Gilian (town otherwise unless woman) stash program - its working good with Diablo 1.09 and Hellfire
1.01 So if someone has good level 45 warrior items, pleas share them..

Update 2: I managed to get character transfered from single to multi,unique things and money are ok,
magic - blue broke as a bit expected - i had some magic rings and they are gone.. Gilian stash si working
here too.

So now is still only main problem really.. how to transfer or creative and import blue magic things.
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Fantastic, just what i was looking for, thx^^
Oh if you want to swap save files i got a few and would like to ask a few questions on priv if possible.
Best regatds ^^

EDIT: just realised that this is 4 years old, hope im not too late ^^'
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BadAssthma: Fantastic, just what i was looking for, thx^^
If you want to convert between Diablo and Hellfire and play at different difficulties then you can do so using DevilutionX. It also has a stash at Gillian's.

If it's the anti-SJW stuff I can't help with that.
Can you explain the anti-sjw stuff in this game cuz I'm not sure if thers any social justice going on in d1 xD
What I'm trying to do ,is make a multiplier savefile with all uniques and some if not all chase blue items.
He mentioned he converted a sp savefile to MP with working unique, happens I got a SP savefile with all uniques but i cant convert it, id like to post it here so ppl can find it, and have fun with it.
I searched the internet for such a file but found that only a single player file exists. I am doing this exactly because devolutionx has a feature where you can move your stash and characters between devices so anyone can copy ur stash and pass stuff around. Thers no such file on the internet to my knowledge(for hellfire) and it would be nice to have it here.

One more thing before I go, maybe someone will be able to clarify, is it possible to generate at wirt or griswold or even if it's possible to drop a King's great axe of Blood /vampires/haste with best rolls?

Kind regards
BadAssthma: Can you explain the anti-sjw stuff in this game cuz I'm not sure if thers any social justice going on in d1 xD
I think OP is just the type of person that calls SJW on anyone he has or might have an argument with.