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I'm confuse of where and how should I attempt this. Since Hellfire has major problems that is unknown to anyone who use this program and not stated in patch notes of how to fix them. I don't want to keep experiencing hiccups every 5 minutes with single player after providing the fix towards it (The save error will still appear after the fix for me).

I install Hellfire through GOG application. By revisiting the same spot where I install it from I can't find a way to uninstall. I've check the application to find nothing about it and the folder doesn't have a file to make it happen. Programs on my computer doesn't show Hellfire listed to uninstall just Diablo 1.

My questions: Do I need to uninstall Diablo 1 in order to uninstall hellfire it self? If no please point me to where I can find out how.
This question / problem has been solved by Ryan333image
Diablo and Hellfire are installed together as one package, but they are two separate games. If you don't want any Hellfire content then just run "Diablo" or "Diablo Classic" from the game's launcher. Nothing from Hellfire will be loaded.

If you REALLY want to remove Hellfire, you'll have to do so manually. In the folder where you installed Diablo, delete the "hellfire" sub-folder. It shares much of it's game data with Diablo, so you'll only save about 100MB of space by doing this.
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