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Greetings to all "Diablo" fans!

Could you please help my in the following topic?

- I have copied the well-known "Command.txt" file to the "Hellfire" game folder, and for the extra characters, it works perfectly.

So now, I can select the "Bard", or the "Barbarian" class as well.

But "Cow quest", and "Theo quest" still doesn't seem to work. Instead of the "Nut" (dressed up as a cow), it is still Lester, who's standing out there...

- Does anyone know the reason of this issue? Is there a solution for it, please?

Thank you a lot in advance for any relevant help!

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This is what mine looks like:

When this was first posted I was inclined to respond but didn't as it was so long (decades) since I enabled those quests that I didn't remember the details as well as I'd like to give me confidence in what I intended to write. However, I kept thinking about this post and my curiosity motivated me to both quests. And it was as I remembered it.

The Complete Nut only rewards one with the nearly worthless (400 gold, though I suppose it sells for more before being identified) Bovine Plate which, at least for me, has much too large a bonus to light radius and in combination with the loss of 2 spell levels is a deal breaker.

The Theo quest is rather interesting (briefly) but all it does is make it so you get the amulet the Hork Demon would have dropped from the little girl in town and then the Hork Demon drops something else which in my one and only run of thIs quest was a dagger.

So from my point of view the Cow Quest adds nothing of value and the Theo Quest adds no content other then one ends up having a little girl hanging around for the rest of the game.

Perhaps interesting only to me is that the Theo Quest marks the beginning of children being used as quest givers something that happened fairly regularly in World of Warcraft.
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zuntan: The Complete Nut only rewards one with the nearly worthless (400 gold, though I suppose it sells for more before being identified) Bovine Plate which, at least for me, has much too large a bonus to light radius and in combination with the loss of 2 spell levels is a deal breaker.
I think the "reduce spell levels by 2" thing can be used to cheese out the magic system. You put on the Bovine Plate, and the game will think your spells are two levels lower than they are - which might let you read a spell book that you couldn't otherwise read.
I don't think that would work. The game tracks your learned spell level in one place, and your +/- spell level modifier from items in a different place. It computes the effective spell level by adding those together when needed. The code for calculating the magic requirement on a book doesn't check the +/- modifier, at least in Devilution. Since Devilution tries to be consistent with the original game, I expect that the original game also ignores the modifier when computing the magic requirement for books. However, with the new items in Hellfire, any character class other than Barbarian can exceed 255 magic, allowing you to read any book.
As the point to my earlier post was that even if one isn't able to enable the Cow Quest or the Theo Quest there was nothing lost, and irritated that I hadn't thought to check the sale price of the Bovine Plate before it is identified, and that my curiosity was tweeked by the potential that the Bovine Plate just might enable reading spell books (it wouldn't be the first instance in Hellfire that the Sierra developers had missed something) I enabled the Cow Quest.

As far as the ability to read books one previously couldn't the answer is, "no."

As far as making any money on the Bovine Plate the answer is also, "no." Interesting is that unidentified it sells for 1 gold and identified it sells for 100g (my previous 400g statement was a result of remembering what the price to purchase was as stated in "Jarulf's Guide" without taking into account the vendoring discount). Considering it costs 100g to identify an item, the Bovine Plate is worth 1 gold unidentified and 0 gold if identified ... that is unless you find some value in actually wearing it.

However, in the process of checking all this out it did occur to me that as far as armor class is concerned that because the Bovine Plate is unique plate the Monk would benefit as for him alone it counts as medium armor and thus he can wear it and get the one armor class bonus per character level for wearing medium armor. For the Monk to acheive the same armor class with normal armor would require something like Holy Full Plate with an armor class of 75. Equipped with the Bovine Plate my lvl 26 Monk with Dexterity 144 had armor class 234.

In conclusion, for me these two quests were interesting as chatting with the Complete Nut is amusing and both are a change of pace that adds a little variety, but once I'd seen them again I removed the relevant commands from Command.txt.

Finally, when my Rogue went to get the Bovine Plate from the Complete Nut it didn't drop. Moments later I discovered why. The ground was so littered with equipment, gold and potions I couldn't drop a single thing. After picking up a few potions the Complete Nut still just said "Moo" without dropping the Bovine Plate so I reloaded, picked up a few potions and then the Bovine Plate did drop.
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