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GUIDE: How to get multiplayer to work in Diablo (hi-res mode) using Hamachi for online "LAN" play.

While trying to play Diablo with a friend, I've noticed there is no guide in the forums,
which made setup through trial-and-error frustrating. I will do my best to fill that missing spot.

This guide is based upon this ( guide by mike3433.

STEP 1: Install Hamachi

Download Hamachi for free from, install as preferred and launch the program.
Press the 'power' button to get a prompt for creating an account, and do so.
After an account has been made, one player should create a new network and once created, the other players should join it.

Hamachi's free mode supports up to five users in one group.

STEP 2: Ensure ping is working & Troubleshooting

After everyone has joined the network, look for names with warning signs next to them.
If some names appear with signs, press the Diagnose button (right click their name) and troubleshoot using the internet for solutions.
Usually the firewall is the culprit.

After that has been done, or if there were no warning signs, please ensure you can ping each other by right clicking each other's names and pressing Ping.
A cmd window will open, and in it there will be statements about pinging the other person. Look out for messages about the ping timing out-
if there are such messages, please troubleshoot using the internet. The firewall is usually the culprit.

After everyone pings each other successfully, it's time to move on to the next step.

STEP 3: IPXWrapper Registry

Please download IPXWrapper from .
It is already included in a fresh GOG Diablo install, but we need the registry file that is missing.
Inside the archive, there are two registry files, directplay-win32.reg and directplay-win64.reg -
please check your system type - 32-bit or 64-bit, and place the accordingly named registry file somewhere (like your Diablo folder), and run it.
Please confirm adding it to your registry.

STEP 4: IPXWrapper Config

Please go to your Diablo folder and run the file named ipxconfig.exe .
Make sure Primary interface is set to Wildcard interface, and highlight
Wildcard interface.
Set your Broadcast port to any number, but make sure that all the other players set theirs to the same number, too.
Click 'apply' and 'OK'.

STEP 5: In-game

After making sure Hamachi is working and that all computers have their settings right, the player that should be the host should activate the game.
They should select Multi Player -> Local Area Connection (IPX) and create a character.
From there they should select Create Game -> Select Difficulty. The game should load, and the host player should see their character hanging out in Tristram.

The joining players should then go in game and choose Multi Player -> Local Area Connection (IPX) and create a character.
From there, they should be able to see, in the same menu where 'Create Game' is, the name of the character that the host player chose -
for example, if the host created a character named 'Ian', then 'Ian' will be a selectable choice along with 'Create Game'.
The joining players should then click on the hostchar name to join the host's game session and will see themselves hanging out in Tristram.

and DONE, have fun!
Thanks for the info, thanks a lot!
You might want to check out DevilutionX. It has native support for TCP/IP and now also widescreen and high resolution (not just upscaling).

Should be a lot easier to set up.
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