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Ive got the GoG version of diablo, and its terrible all it does is makes it so I have a legal copy now.
That's it. The "free" version I had before was way better and came with hellfire.

So anyways I get this game I download "The Hell" mod which makes the game worth the money
but not before this mod. Anyways im happily playing away saving my game no issues until the day
GoG releases a patch, now the hell requires the Diab.Mpq file or whatever from the CDrom, so I look
in the folder and its sitting right there in the folder.

A solution in another forum says that you copy the Mpq file into the DX file but its not letting me saying
its in use. How the fuck is it in use when I have not even launched the game?

So now I cannot play The hell and I don't want to play gogs shit version. Guess im S.O.L?

The reason I say its GoG btw is because I downloaded D1 and it worked fine, I downloaded the hell mod
and it worked fine. I was able to exit and save and return to the game many times. AFTER gogs patch
the game no longer works.

My thoughts are blizzard made GoG add code to the game to make the hell mod incompatible with each
other. Blizzard wanting to double down on the money and sell Hellfire at a later date for some ridonk price.
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(UPDATE) A reinstall of the hell was what did the trick. Still curious as I made no updates to relevant software
after my last play of the hell. I load up after patch and it did not work.
In the Navy we had a saying which I always liked for its accuracy:

"When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me."...;) Always worth remembering, eh?
Oddeyedl: ...
Yes GOG wants to have complete iron-grip control over this game which is why it's DRM-free.

Also if you hate GOG's version so much why not just go back to the other version?
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