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So, last week I made a topic about those (practically) unfindable unique items in Diablo. After a lot of searching, I happened upon a page whose creator was trying to address issues like these, and supposedly released files that would change the way unique items are selected, making those six impossible unique items possible.

Before trying it out, just wondering if anyone had heard of this project before? I haven't heard much of it, but then I'm not really one to be in the loop with this sort of thing...

Outgoing link warning.

I gave the fix a try, but it poses an issue. It morphed a couple of my uniques into some of those unlikely uniques -- my Black Razor turned into a Gonnagal's Dirk with wrong stats, and I had two Constricting Rings, one turning into the Bleeder and one into Bramble, both of which had correct stats. I can undo the patch and bring those impossible items back, but when I try enter a new game, they morph back into what they originally were. I don't know if that's an error because of the items originally morphing, or if all impossible items dropped from the fix will eventually morph into their non-impossible counterparts... and I don't think I can test it out myself because with the 'fix' patch, I can't log into to change my difficulty to play single player on Nightmare+. Bah.
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This is because these “patches/mods” alter the way the game interprets the item variables and/or checksum... it isn’t making the impossible uniques actually drop... it’s hacking the game to interpret certain items as being something other than what they originally were...

TLDR: your items will always morph back with these sort of patches/mods